my name is Dj Buck.   i  love to play all types of music from hip hop, r&b, pop, blues, old school music and top 40 music. i am currently a Dj and a producer with my own recording studio .  my favorite saying is love what you do and do what you love and let no on take that above . 

i been Dj for over 20 years in all surrounding city's like Chicago, Milwaukee, Wisconsin dells, Indiana, and close by areas.  i Dj all events from wedding receptions, baby showers, anniversary's, birthday party's, and even private party's. i played in all type of bars and nightclubs in my career. i travel to every event in any city. i summarize myself as independent Dj or producer. i make music for people who want to be in the music industry, or need music play at there events. i do not charge or have expensive fees. i believe if me as a Dj love what i do, my job is to make sure my clients love what i do also, and give them enjoyment with themselves to re book me again.  i have spin music from clients  who contact me the next day say they enjoy my services and want to pass my services to others. there are photos of some of my clients i Dj for at there events, and also some of my equipment. just click on photos above to see them.

currently i am promoting as a Dj and continue to produce music in my recording studio. i am working on a few projects of mine and also get ready for any up coming gigs as a Dj. if you need more information on my services please contact me by phone or through my website. thank you and remember always stay humble to your self and to others. Dj buck.